Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Michael Jackson Painting by an Artist - Peter Keil to be Auctioned

The Painting, a neo-expressionist elucidation of Michael Jackson, was created in 1985 by renowned artist Peter Keil. Known for his bold use of wild colors and shapes, Keil is especially recognized for his paintings of pop-culture icons and celebrities.

Being a musician and songwriter himself, Myland has always respected Jackson for his talent as well as his dedication to philanthropy. So this seemed like a painting way to pay tribute to his unique talent and legacy.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Eminent Oil Paintings Reproductions Even Can Use At Home

The most popular reasonably priced art alternatives are the oil paintings reproductions. Master pieces created by famous artists are no longer restricted to museums and private collectors. Nowadays, the wide public has a large selection of affordable art galleries at art and online art stores: high quality oil paintings reproductions.

Oil paintings reproductions are more reasonable than original paintings, they are both equally majestic. In addition to oil painting reproductions being the affordable art of choice, and a more realistic way to decorate one’s home, they also make a special and one of a kind gift.

Friday, July 24, 2009

There's Great Fun in Oil Painting On Kids!

Face Oil Painting is an art that can be undertaken by anyone, amateur or professional. It's a fun way to entertain your children on a boring afternoon. Face painting is also used as a way to earn money for special needs, such as a charity event.

The ideas for kids face painting are restricted only to your imagination. When painting faces of young children, you must have patience, allow time for fidgeting, and keep your design simple. It helps perfect your talent to practice the pre-selected designs in advance of an event.
Face painting is fun and imaginative. Think about it ... you can have a lot of good times with this activity.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Splendor of Black and White Oil Painting

Every painter that paints with oil paints wants black and white on their palette. These two colors when mixed with other colors create a wide range and variety of interesting and beautiful colors.

When using black and white as the only two colors of your oil painting you will find that over look will be classy compared to paintings of color. The black and white paintings are more pleasant on the eye and the features and feeling are not lost in a hectic collection of colors.

Creating a painting in black and white is in fact a talent. Some of the images that have been created over the years are truly spectacular. Who says you need color to express yourself when painting with oil paints. Black and white says it all.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Get a Photo Oil Painting From Photo You Made

One appealing craft in the aspect of painting is photo oil painting. This kind of painting is converting photo to painting using oil media. Oil painting from photo is a piece that can be used as a gift item or as a personal keepsake. One advantage of photo oil painting is that the portrait lasts longer than actual photo. Remember most oil paints last for more than a century if preserved well.

The idea of oil painting from photo is truly a unique gift idea. For that special person, you can actually give them photo oil painting item. This is even better as this item last longer. Painting forms ones creativity as well as artistic ability. This kind of craft is worth appreciating. In effect, paintings are valuable materials worth of keepsake.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Importance Of Framing In Oil painting

To Preserve and maintain Oil painting for years, some basic care and attention is needed, for that oil painting has to be framed. The most frequent question asked is How to Frame a Painting? I say it depends on many range of factors starting from the cost of the frame to aftercare of your painting.

Necessity of framing:

A picture frame has certain characteristics and functions:

• The first and the foremost are to protect and ensure long life of your painting.

• Unify the painting with the architectural style of the room.

• Separating the painting from the wall.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oil Painting Techniques - Color Section

Oil painting techniques have been practiced by countless artists for hundreds of years. Centuries ago, only the most dedicated professionals - used oil paints. If you want to develop your oil painting techniques, you first had to mix your own paints.

But what colors should you buy? Here's ten which will cover most subjects, providing limitless combinations through mixing. This also saves money and will improve your understanding of colors.



Sunday, July 12, 2009

Art Paintings – Reproduction of Original Paintings

Art paintings by a variety of famous artists can be found for sale on the Internet. Most of these paintings are reproductions of original paintings.

Painting is one of the oldest and most significant forms of art. Artists have used art to express their ideas about people, the world, and religion since prehistoric times. In turn, the paintings they create provide people with pleasure and information.

Paintings also serves various purposes: some are used as gifts, religious groups commission artists to paint religious subjects to promote religion, and other people collect paintings as an investment, and so on.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Guidelines to empower your oil paintings

If you have a time getting the paint off of your hands, baby oil or olive oil works really well. Wear rubber gloves, then you need not worry about the paint getting on your hands.

A great thing to begin with is to use primary colors to create various shades of gray from white to black, and paint in black and white.This gives you a chance to know the value and contrast.

The thinner/oil mix up seems to last longer than just the thinner between cleaning, and when it gets really cloudy, it doesn't split.

Try to make a painting using only your palette knife to paint with it and the results are so interesting. When painting outside, make sure that your canvas and your palette are not in direct sunlight. It is better to shade your canvas and palette because if you paint with the canvas in direct sunlight, it will cause you to mix your colors wrongly.

A limited palette is suggested when painting outside as well. You can mix the colors you need and need not drag all of your paints out into the field.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Oil Painting - How to Shun Your Mistakes Easily

Oil painting is the most admired style among all the painting styles. But there are certain things that will ruin your art work, if you are not aware of those things. You will be happy knowing that most of the mistakes can be repaired easily if you follow some basic rules.

Cracking is one of the defects you commonly find in oil paintings. This defect occurs because the bottom layer of the painting contains more drying oil as compared to the top layer. In case the top layer contains too many solvents then it will dry very fast and become more brittle than bottom layer. To avoid this defect make sure you apply the paint properly on all the layers and give proper time to them to dry.

The main cause of a dull finish in the painting is the improper ratio of drying oils in paint and solvents. Generally, it happens when the amount of solvent is more in the painting. Make sure to use prime oil paint for avoiding this kind of sinking effect in your art work.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Quality Of Oil Painting Reproduction

When purchasing an oil painting reproduction, it is essential to make sure to buy not only a beautiful painting, but also an oil painting that is of high quality.

The quality of oil paintings can vary from a print on canvas to commercial painting to a commissioned oil painting reproduction, the peak quality of all.

An oil painting reproduction is basically a recreation of a masterwork by a new artist. As the name suggests, these pieces are created using oil-based paints on a canvas. Because they are oil painting reproductions, they are considerably more reasonable than the originals.

Another remarkable thing about these oil painting reproductions is that they have great texture. The oil painting is crisp, clear, and alive on the canvas. The oil painting reproduction creates a breathtaking finished piece of art that will be a focal point of your room.